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I had so much fun making Grimm icons the other day, I thought I’ll make some Supernatural icons as well, and since I didn’t have anything better to do yesterday – apart from review writing, but I wasn’t really in the mood – I decided to seize the day and get to work. I settled on icons from my favourite episode of the current season, namely Everybody Hates Hitler. Enjoy!


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Two years! That's how long it's been since I last opened Photoshop for anything more complex than an icon. It's not that I don't have ideas anymore, but when I started working more hours, I had to choose between keeping weekly reviews up and making art, and obviously the former won out. And the longer I stayed away from fanart, the more difficult it became to go back to it. So imagine my surprise when I was suddenly overcome with the urge to make art yesterday. I feel extremely rusty, so don't expect anything special; it's just a simple episodic piece for The Born-Again Identity

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These last couple of weeks I have been very distracted by this annoying thing called real life, that’s why I am so behind with my reviews for the S6 finale. I am still working on them, so I thought that in the meantime I'd post a couple of icons that have been lying around on my computer. A while ago I started an icon collection about casual touches between the brothers. You know, touches that are meant to be comforting, reassuring or supportive, playful touches, touches with the simple intent to guide or direct - touches that (mostly) happen outside the context of Sam or Dean being injured. Often these touches are too fleeting to be caught in a screencap, that’s why I didn’t get far with my collection, but here is what I have gathered so far. :)


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I know I have been MIA these last few weeks and some of you may wonder if they will ever get to read my episode reviews for Two Minutes To Midnight and Swan Song or if they will ever get to see the result of their fanart requests – or any new fanart from me for that matter. Now, here’s the thing: After the S5 finale I really needed a break from the intense focus on Supernatural and so I threw myself into non-fandom related activities for a while. Then, just when I was ready to resume writing/arting about SPN, I was unexectedly offered a new job, and I decided to take it, mainly for financial reasons. As some of you know, I have been working part-time these last couple of years, which obviously left me plenty of time to pursue my fandom activities and spend days on long-winded episode reviews or wallpapers.

My new job, however, is a full-time employment and at the moment I am not only overwhelmed by the amount of new content I have to learn, but also by the immense changes in my personal time management. So, that’s why there has been so little activity at my journal lately. I hope that I will get into a routine at my new job fast enough to at least finish my outstanding reviews and some art during the hiatus, but most importantly I hope that I will be able to keep up my reviews when S6 starts to air. At the moment I am not sure I will manage that though – at least not in that much detail. Only time will tell, I guess.

Just before all hell broke loose in my life, I managed to finish one wallpaper, so I thought I at least post that one as a consolation. :)

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Folks, I am so sorry the fulfilment of the art requests is going so slow, but I had a serious art block these last couple of weeks. I feel incredibly guilty that you all have to wait so long for your wallpapers. But hey, at least the unfinished requests force me to open Photoshop and try to get something done, instead of just wallowing in self-pity. Anyway, two days back I finally had a good, and most importantly a viable, idea for [ profile] naisica’s request, so here it is. Enjoy!

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I am surprised to hear me say this, but I actually miss the show. Can we have new episodes, please? Also, I have the odd urge to do a S3 marathon, which doesn’t happen all that often, so I guess I’ll take the opportunity to do just that this weekend! Anyway, at least the hiatus leaves me time for art, so I finished another request, this time for [ profile] uglybusiness.

Six down, only five to go. Thank you all for your patience!

A Cruel Order )

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I have to apologise for the delay with the art requests, but review writing took up a considerable part of my time these last couple of weeks. Add to that computer troubles and RL projects and you get the picture. I hope I manage to finish all requests before this hiatus is over though. *crosses fingers*

So, today I drop off the gifts for [ profile] marilyne_22 and [ profile] joans23. :)

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Here comes the next (very) belated Christmas present and this time the wallpaper is based on a prompt from [ profile] bowtrunckle. If I proceed in this snail pace, I’ll have the last request finished in, uhm, March or so!

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With the holidays over, I now have time to slowly, but surely, work on my Christmas request list, the imperative word being 'slowly'. *g* At least I developed ideas for most of the requests y’all threw at me, so I guess that’s a good sign, although of course that’s no guarantee that it’ll work out. I hope you all don’t mind that I won’t work on the requests in chronological order, I just pick the prompt that my muse points at, I have no real say in the matter.

Anyway, the wallpaper today is for [ profile] chiiyo86. I hope you like it, hon! :)

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So, I finished the first prompt from my 'make a request' present for my flist: This is for you, [ profile] shawn_anne! I pushed this prompt up - although the deadline for the requests is still open - because she asked for a very christmassy wallpaper, and I thought it would be nice to actually deliver it in time for Christmas, instead of weeks after. :)

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The other day I had a chat about Monster Movie in which, sadly, everyone I talked to confessed their profound dislike of the episode. Me, I adore the episode to bits and after the depressing discussion I felt the urge to rewatch the episode, just to fall in love with it all over again. So, I made some icons. They are pretty simple, mostly I just tried to play with different croppings. Enjoy! :)


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So, a challenge over at Buffyforums motivated me to try my hands at one of my more conceptual wallpaper ideas and the last couple of days I worked on it like crazy. *g* I really need to catch up on some episodic art for the latest episodes though, there's a couple of scenes that I'd like to pin on canvas if possible. So much to do and so little time, life clearly has the wrong priorities. ;)

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This week I made a quick wallpaper from The End. I am pretty sure I am not remotely done with arting that episode. *g* I was fiddling around with it way too much these last couple of days, so I thought I put it out in the open, because usually that's the only way to stop me from doing that. :)

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It's Supernatural Thursday and I have some art. :) I still have a couple of conceptual pieces in my mind, but my creative attention was redirected to the emotional turmoil that were the latest episodes, momentarily at least. So, here are my first two S5 wallpapers, two simple episodic pieces for the brotherly scenes in Good God, Y'all and The End. ♥

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With the show airing again and the review writing 'duties' stealing most of my weekend time, arting takes a bit of a backseat at the moment, but yesterday I was lucky and found a bit of time to work on the promised companion piece to my 'The First Seal' wallpaper. Enjoy!

The Last Seal )
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I know I should be writing my review, but instead I found myself procrastinating and making icons instead. There were some really pretty shots in Good God, Y'all and I couldn't resist to make some very simple avatars. :) I guess the fact that I wanted to make icons about it, shows pretty well how much I loved the new episode. Review will be out on Sunday I think. :)


Good God, Y'all )
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Yesterday I went into a mad art frenzy and got completely immersed in a wallpaper for hours and hours. In order to stop me from meddling with it any further, I need to get it off my hard drive and out in the open. I figured you all won't mind. *g*

The First Seal )
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I had an unexpected surge of artistic energy last week and spent some time with photoshop. I figured that it is unlikely that I get any S4 art done when S5 starts to air, so I used the opportunity to make some art from a couple of my favourite S4 episodes. I am pretty happy how these turned out, so I hope you enjoy them as well. :)

Of fractured and replaced things )
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S5 is approaching fast and I didn't update my website for months, so I thought I really should get Salt'n Burn ready for the new season. Today I finally managed to muster up the energy and enthusiasm to get it done and not only made a new layout, but also added S5 pages to my Supernatural art and review section. I hope that wasn't too optimistic, considering the fact that I barely made any art these last couple of month! *g* And since it's really no huge effort to make a layout into a wallpaper, I did that as well.

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The last couple of weeks I was in a total fanart funk and I am really frustrated about that. I was working on three conceptual arts as well as a couple of episodics, but nothing worked out on canvas and I was ready to throw the towel. Yesterday I was finally able to finish one of the conceptual arts and a month or so back I made another wall that I didn't post here yet, so I can actually make an art update here. Enjoy!

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