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Eric Kripke and Kim Manners killed me dead with the S3 finale, that’s for sure! While I roughly expected the outcome of this episode, the execution left me breathless and glued to my screen. Prepare for some mindless flailing with some thoughts mixed in! LOL

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This week brought us a lot of gore, maggots and entrails, courtesy of Sera Gamble! *g* I’m not easily grossed out, but Time Is On My Side had me really squirming on my seat a couple of times. But of course there were also the patented brother angst and some mytharc reveals. Rambly and probably not entirely coherent thoughts ahead …

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Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer cooked up this week’s episode, a solid exploration of the brothers as the end of the year draws near. Carver’s characterisation of Sam and Dean over the course of this season has been highly enjoyable for me, and I hope we have him on the team for S4 as well! My brain wasn’t all that cooperative with this review, but I hope it’s still remotely insightful! *lol*

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Two months of forced hiatus, but finally the break is over! As one would expect after heavy episodes like Jus In Bello and Mystery Spot, Ghostfacers took a more light-hearted stance, the show loves to counter the tragic with the funny. Another episode where Ben Edlund got the chance to play with his knack for the bizarre and ludicrous!

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Sorry it took me a little longer this time, but between starting a new job, Photoshop stress and the AFA, I didn't find the time to actually write my review down. *g* Another exciting instalment from Sera Gamble and Kim Manners for this season, an action-packed episode with new reveals and mytharc development!

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Mystery Spot, by courtesy of Jeremy Carver, left me with mixed feelings, especially on first viewing, but after sorting out my thoughts about the episode and pinning down my problems with it, it was better the second and third time around. Anyway, the episode puts Sam through an emotional wringer and comprehensively illustrates the devastating effects Dean’s death will have on his brother, should he be unable to prevent Dean’s deal from coming due. If the episode foreshadows upcoming events in the season, we (and the Winchesters) most certainly have rough times ahead of us. But well, what else is new?

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This week's episode by Cathryn Humphris and Sera Gamble was an intense emotional ride, that took the characters a step further, provided a lot of backstory and notched up the difficult and hopeless situation the boys are in once again. Good times! *g*

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After 7 weeks of hiatus and the writer’s strike seemingly going on without any hope of any resolution, I had reached a mental stage in which I actually nearly convinced myself to be okay with having no more SN episodes ever again. Boy, the way the mind works sometimes, to avoid pain. *g* Malleus Maleficarum though taught me the insanity of my ways by showing me how much I actually missed the boys. It’s good to have the show back, even if it is only for a short while. /sigh

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Supernatural's first very own holiday themed episode, was pretty much what you would expect: a lovely, peaceful and mellow episode, with Christmas choires singing uplifting tunes and happy families exchanging presents ... uhm, wait ... *cough* ... well, okay maybe not exactly like that. ;)

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Sera Gamble and Kim Manners for the win!! This week’s episode Fresh Blood was an exhilarating and utterly satisfying ride, a bright reminder of why I love this show so damn much! It made me cry and laugh and shudder, all within the short range of 40 minutes and can easily hold its ground beside other outstanding SN episodes. ♥ ♥

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Oh boys! Here I was, thinking that S2 was heavy on the brother angst, but actually S3 doesn't really give much when it comes to the drama between the Winchesters. While a lot has changed in SN that at least remains constant.

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Last season I really hoped that they give Cathryn Humphris more to do, since I really appreciate her writing very much, she always writes a good mix between brother/family angst and casefile and Bedtime Stories is no exception. This was the first episode this season where no recurring characters appeared and we just had the brothers, working a case together, snarky and angsty, with the ongoing seasonal plotlines chiming in and nicely vibrating throughout the MotW. It had a classic S1 feeling for me in that regard and I loved that.

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Geesh, this season is messing with my head, but then demons tend to do that, right? This season’s plotline is shaping up to be either devastating for the Winchester boys or liberating, not sure which at the moment, but they really know how to notch up the tension this season and putting question marks all over the story so far. At the moment I am wrecked with anxiety and anticipation on how this season continues.

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If someone would have told me that I would one day love a Ben Edlund episode more than a Sera Gamble episode, I would have told them they were insane, but Bad Day At Black Rock filled me with so much joy that my disappointment about the lack of brotherly closeness in the first two episodes was almost forgotten. I haven’t laughed about a Supernatural episode so hard ever since Hell House and since my distaste for slapstick is well known, it shows how well executed Bad Day At Black Rock was, on all accounts. The comedic timing was impeccable. Robert Singer and Ben Edlund made a winning team on this episode!

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So, I expected some changes in S3, after the writers effectively brought closure to most of the main driving forces behind S1 and S2, and so far that expectation seems to be confirmed. Admittedly, I have some troubles to adjust, although the characters and the storylines make sense so far. I guess, it’s more a question of comfort level, rather than a problem with the story in general. Sam and Dean’s closeness has always been my safe place within the darker moments of the story, and at the moment that safe place seems to be a labyrinth, with secret doors and hidden traps. Sera Gamble's The Kids Are Alright only cemented that feeling further, and I am nervous as to where that development leads us.

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It's over! We finally escaped the HELL known as HIATUS, a prison made of withdrawal, pre-season hysteria and sleepless nights! Oh how I missed the boys, but they are back for another season of kicking ass and taking names! Welcome to season three!

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