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Feb. 5th, 2009 11:59 am
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So, I usually wait until I have at least two wallpapers to show for, but I haven't been able to art for nearly two months and people asked me for new art, so I'll make an exception today. My current hectic RL situation will be be over in about 4 weeks and then I'll hopefully be able to make art on a more regular basis again. :) Thanks for all the impatient requests for new art, it's always very humbling for me to know that there are people who look forward to it! ♥

I also changed my LJ layout again and I used a fanmade custom layout this time. I loved my old layout, but I always ran into trouble with space if a comment discussion entailed more than 3-4 comments, so I was looking for a suitable alternative anyway.

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The last two weeks I was pretty busy, not to mention slain by the heat wave we had, so I didn't get around to make art. Yesterday my muse struck though and I finally took the plunge and made a wall that focuses on the sadder aspects of No Rest For The Wicked. I hope ya'll like it! :)

Oh, and after much internal debating, I finally changed my LJ layout to a more open and seamless style. I was so tired of the box-y Flexible Squared layout. :)

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This is probably totally uninteresting for all of you, so feel free to just skip it! *g* As most of you are undoubtedly aware, I write episode reviews and other essays for Supernatural. I opened this journal around the time Croatoan aired, so that’s when my reviews here began, but actually I started writing episode commentaries from Scarecrow on. Unfortunately all those earlier reviews and essays were lost when the former Buffyworld Forums, where I used to post them, closed its doors.

Luckily enough, I keep copies of everything I write on my computer, so I decided to retroactively re-post my earlier reviews here in my journal, so I have a complete collection online, for myself as well as for people who love to go back and read up on older episodes or simply for newcomers to SN. Of course I made the mistake to re-read those reviews first and realised that not only my English back then wasn’t quite as decent as it is now, the reviews itself were a lot less structured and insightful.

So, over the last couple of weeks, I started reworking those older reviews to match them more with how my current reviews look like, added them to my journal and dated them back to the day the episode aired, so they didn’t clutter everybody’s flist. While reworking the reviews, I tried to keep them as free as possible from hindsight, but I am sure they are influenced by how I see episodes now, in comparison to how I saw them the first time around. Anyways, S2 and S3 are now complete, but my S1 reviews are totally useless and need some more work, so I will add those over the summer hiatus as I go along.

I also opened a new category for my writings over at Salt'n Burn, to have my art and my reviews together in one place. Instead of coding the massive amount of text into my site, I just linked to the respective review/essay here.
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So, the last couple of days I was trying to change to a different layout type, but then found nothing really appealing amongst the styles LJ offers, most of them offer even less customisations than the Flexible Squares one. /sigh One of these days I'm going to check out custom made css layouts and learn how to install them. LOL

Meanwhile I settled for a new header and colour scheme. All the new promo material they post over at Supernatural Media is just too tempting and I always loved the S1 shoot in the desert, where the boys look all gruffy. LOL For once I was absolutely unable to find a colouring I liked so I went with black&white. What?! It's a classic for a reason! *g*
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Man, I really needed a change for my LJ, since I had the last layout for quite a while. After a couple of fruitless attempts over the last days I finally managed to create a header and colour scheme that I like. Yay me! *g* Now I wished I had an idea for a new Salt'n Burn layout and inspiration for new wallpapers and I would be happy. LOL
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You know what the problem with LJ layouts and headers is? Once you started with the whole changing layouts thing, you can't really stop it! It's even worse than with a website layout, since I see it more often and for a longer period of time than my homepage and hence get bored with it a lot faster! *sighs melodramatically* So I made a new header and colour scheme, it's all autumnal now. Let's see how long it lasts! *g*
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So, I was trying to make a wallpaper and for some mysterious reason ended up with a LJ Header, don't ask me how that happened. *lol* I initially never planned to make a header for my journal, since it can affect loading times and I hate it, when pages need forever to load, but apparently my subconsciousness disagreed with me. So, I now have a nice Winchester header and some new colours. I hope you all like it! :)

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