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Over the last couple of weeks I watched all three seasons of Dr. Who (2005) and fell in love with this goofy show, that somehow sucessfully combines the silly & cheesy with the exciting & heart-wrenching. It's rare that I fall for light-hearted shows, so that was a pleasant surprise. I initially wanted to make art, but then settled for icons instead.

This batch of icons is dedicated to my dear friend [ profile] llywela13 who made me watch the show in the first place. I hope these icons make her smile and cheer her up a bit! ♥ A tiny apology for my lack of attentiveness on Sunday. :)


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Hey everybody! A belated Happy New Year to all my f-list! Sorry about my longer absence, but I was away over the holidays and then sick for quite a while and didn't really feel like arting or doing anything else for that matter! *g*

Over the last couple of weeks, while Supernatural torments us with another long hiatus, I watched all 5 seasons of Queer As Folk (US) and I became quite intrigued by its main character Brian Kinney, at least fascinated enough to tickle my muse. It's funny, during my 2 years of SN obsession I only managed to make 3 wallpapers that are related to other shows. I'm artistically very monogamous, so this is more or less an exception! *lol*

I have a batch of ideas for SN wallpapers on the back burner and my next post will surely be SN related again!

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Don't be shocked! [ profile] nikkimisplaced talked me into making some icons from this weeks Gilmore Girls episode 'It's like riding a bike' which was fabulous for all of us Luke/Lorelai shippers. ♥ So I think it's my first non-Supernatural related art for like .. ever!


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