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Hello, flist! I know it has been quiet around here lately, but I wasn’t really in a talkative mood these last couple of weeks. I mostly buried myself in computer games and books and discovered new (to me) TV shows. Taking a time-out from fandom every now and then is necessary for my mental health, I think. Anyway, here is a short status update – personal and fandom wise – for anyone who is interested.

(1) I was bored the other day and spontaneously decided to get a Tumblr account, and I have been wasting my time away on that site ever since. So many pretty, pretty (and poignant) gif sets! ♥ Browsing Sam-and-Dean related art/gifs on Tumblr actually managed to get me past the deep seated resentment I felt towards the show ever since S8 finished. I am in a good and peaceful place with SPN at the moment, mostly by repressing the majority of the past season, but I fear that the upcoming spoilers from ComicCon will catapult me right back into misery. Not to mention S9 itself. I am really considering avoiding ComicCon and postponing watching S9, depending on the reactions I see on my flist. I am really undecided at the moment.

(2) I have five unfinished S8 episode reviews on my desktop and they stare at me mockingly every time I boot the computer. The review for Pac-Man Fever comes closest to being completed, but my mind goes blank every time I open it – or any of them, really. S8 really did a number on my writing motivation and emotional investment. I am happy S9 will only start to air mid-October, giving me more time to maybe finish those reviews before the new season begins, if only to have S8 complete. It would satisfy my OCD tendencies; I really hate leaving things open ended.

(3) You know, this morning I read on my flist that Supernatural won a row of GMMR (Give Me My Remote) awards, but after the initial 'go, show' reaction on my part, reading through the actual awards really bummed me out. It leaves the reader with the impression that Jared/Sam has not been present in S8 at all. No recognition for Sam’s storyline or Jared’s impressive acting, particularly in the last quarter of the season and the finale. It makes me incredibly sad on Jared’s behalf that he is almost always underrepresented in these kinds of awards. The fact that the Dean/Castiel moment from Goodbye Stranger won 'Most Rewatchable Moment' and 'Biggest Tearjerker' really makes me wonder if I and the rest of fandom are watching the same show. Given the abundance of emotional brotherly moments in second half of S8, this outcome is simply incomprehensible for me. And I am just going to ignore the 'Best Couple' award for Dean/Castiel. Sure, it shows that probably a lot of D/C fans were voting in that poll, still the whole thing leaves me in low spirits.

(4) For all of you who took an interest in my health related issues the other week: All tests came back negative. Apart from the elevated blood pressure, I seem to be perfectly healthy. My new medication works just fine and the tiredness is a thing of the past – well, except for heat related tiredness and insomnia, of course.

So, what's new with my flist? Are you enjoying the hiatus so far or are you desperate for the show to come back?
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