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The other day [ profile] bittersweettwit lamented the fact that he doesn't have enough Grimm icons and since Grimm is one of my favourite shows at the moment, I gladly offered to remedy that situation. I didn't really play around with icons lately - or any art, really - so I feel a bit rusty, but I think they came out okay. These icons are mainly from the episodes Face Off and Mr. Sandman, but they are not really spoilery.


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Eric Kripke’s new post-apocalyptic show Revolution is currently airing on NBC and, like most Supernatural fans, I felt compelled to check it out. Not only because it is Kripke’s new baby, but also because the dystopian setting appealed to me. Now, so far I’ve only watched the first two episodes – both have been penned by Kripke himself – and I have pretty mixed feelings about it, but I think there is a lot of potential for the show to grow. So, I thought I write down some of my first impressions of the show.

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Hi all! I know I have been MIA these last couple of weeks, and I wanted to apologise for the lack of activity at my journal during this summer. I had many fandom related plans for the hiatus, but unfortunately my finale fuelled energy and motivation died a violent death after ComicCon and all my attempts at resurrecting it, just failed miserably. Now, to comfort myself, I decided to watch a couple of episodes of that other show that revolves around two entirely co-dependent characters who are fiercely protective of each other, aka The X-Files. And what do you know? A couple of episodes somehow turned into 120 episodes (and counting) and the first movie. I never expected to become so immersed in the show again, but it provided a good distraction for my Supernatural woes. Of course, watching the bonus material on my DVDs and seeing all those interviews and commentaries with Kim Manners makes me really nostalgic and just reminds me how much I miss him on Supernatural.
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The Game Of Thrones finale was epic and breathtaking and overwhelming and since I don’t have the time to write an extensive review for the show, I have to express my love in some other way. So, here is yet another set of icons, this time from the finale episode. *g* They are very simple, so please don’t expect too much. Naturally there are spoilers, especially for the last shot of the episode, which will stay with me for a very long time. Enjoy!


Fire and Blood )
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On Sunday the first season of Game of Thrones will finish its ten episode run and, even though I have not seen the finale yet, I have to say that it is easily one of the best first seasons I have ever seen. I admit, when I started the show I never expected to be drawn in by it so quickly and completely. Normally, I favour shows that have a concise narrative focus and a small main cast of maybe 2-3 characters that I can delve into. Case in point – Supernatural. Game of Thrones, however, not only has an epic scope, but also juggles at least fifteen to twenty main characters (plus several side characters) and half a dozen storylines. I have never been invested in a show with this kind of broad format before because, usually, a show with this many plotlines and characters inevitably suffers from two problems that I find off-putting. read more ... )

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You know, I do watch shows other than Supernatural - way too many of them, actually - and Game of Thrones is one of them. I fell fast and hard for the show - basically within the span of the opening teaser - and it has such a gorgeous cinematography, I really wanted to make some icons. In the end I made more character icons than landscape ones though. I didn't find a source for screencaps yet, so I had to make due with the few images I was able to find on the internet. Anyway, if you're not watching this show, I can highly recommend it. It's a fascinating story about political machinations and intrigue in a medieval-like world with interesting fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. The acting is outstanding, the world building is careful and intricate and the characters have depth right from the start. The show really takes its time to highlight the characters and the world they live in, and I appreciate the slow pacing. So far I didn't really find a single thing to complain about the show. It's the highlight of my Mondays! ♥


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So, every year during the summer hiatus I am playing with the thought to do a complete X-Files marathon, not only because it’s one of my past TV loves, but also because the Supernatural crew gathered some well known X-Files alumni, like Manners, Shiban or Nutter. But let’s face it, 9 seasons are A LOT to work through and who ever does that? This year though, I took the bull by the horns and sat down with the show. I figured it was the closest to watching Supernatural without actually watching Supernatural as it can get, at least when it comes to themes and atmosphere. And boy, I didn’t even know the half of it! I nearly forgot how much I loved the show, and I also loved how much I forgot about the show, so it was like watching it for the first time all over again.

Anyway, I felt compelled to write up some thoughts about the show and about the differences/similarities between SN and XF. Nothing in depth, just some random observations. :)

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Over the last couple of weeks I watched all three seasons of Dr. Who (2005) and fell in love with this goofy show, that somehow sucessfully combines the silly & cheesy with the exciting & heart-wrenching. It's rare that I fall for light-hearted shows, so that was a pleasant surprise. I initially wanted to make art, but then settled for icons instead.

This batch of icons is dedicated to my dear friend [ profile] llywela13 who made me watch the show in the first place. I hope these icons make her smile and cheer her up a bit! ♥ A tiny apology for my lack of attentiveness on Sunday. :)


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Hey everybody! A belated Happy New Year to all my f-list! Sorry about my longer absence, but I was away over the holidays and then sick for quite a while and didn't really feel like arting or doing anything else for that matter! *g*

Over the last couple of weeks, while Supernatural torments us with another long hiatus, I watched all 5 seasons of Queer As Folk (US) and I became quite intrigued by its main character Brian Kinney, at least fascinated enough to tickle my muse. It's funny, during my 2 years of SN obsession I only managed to make 3 wallpapers that are related to other shows. I'm artistically very monogamous, so this is more or less an exception! *lol*

I have a batch of ideas for SN wallpapers on the back burner and my next post will surely be SN related again!

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I just watched the Pilot of the new show Pushing Daisies and I have to say that I found myself utterly enchanted. My first impulse to watch the show came from its lead actor Lee Pace, with whom I fell in love when he played Jaye’s neurotic older brother Aaron in Wonderfalls. He brought such a wonderful quirkiness to that character that he left a lingering impression on me ever since, so I was thrilled to see him on his own show as a lead character. ♥

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So, since Reaper made some waves in the SN community beforehand, I gave the Pilot a try. I mostly watched it because I liked the premise but possibly more so because I was curious for various reasons: a) the Reaper producers deliberately tried to mock SN when they first went public, which didn't sit well with me for obvious reasons b) the CW advertised the hell out of the show, while they tend to neglect SN constantly in that regard and c) I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and wanted to see what he made out of the theme.

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Don't be shocked! [ profile] nikkimisplaced talked me into making some icons from this weeks Gilmore Girls episode 'It's like riding a bike' which was fabulous for all of us Luke/Lorelai shippers. ♥ So I think it's my first non-Supernatural related art for like .. ever!


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So, the lovely [ profile] llywela13 got me hooked on the BBC show Life On Mars. The premise of the show is a simple one but as so often with simple things, they develop an intriguing and complex structure: 2006, Detective chief inspector Sam Tyler has a severe accident and mysteriously wakes up in 1973. While he tries to figure out how he came into this bizarre situation, he not only has to struggle with the question if he is possibly insane or in a coma, but also has to come to terms with the life and work situation he finds himself in.

The show is a curious mix of David Lynch meets The Professionals and draws a lot of its appeal from the constant suspense it holds the viewer in: It likes to pull the rug out from under Sam’s (and the viewer's) sense of reality every time he acquires some feeling of security or contentment within his situation. His common sense tells Sam that the situation can’t be real, but on the other hand he perceives it as so real and full of details he can’t figure how he could possibly imagine it. In the area of conflicts between his self-consciousness and the world he is confronted with, he needs to pursue his every day police work and deal with the people around him.

Theoretically we all know how enormously the world changed in the past 30 years, heck I even experienced these changes since I grew up in the 70ies, but this show makes it tangible in a way you could never feel it by simply watching an authentic 70ies show, because everything is reflected through a modern point of view on the times. Due to the main character's line of profession, the focus naturally is on how much police work and forensics changed over the decades, but you also get a good glimpse into every day life and the general attitude of the time.

This show ranges from hilariously funny to disturbingly creepy. The sets are fantastic, created with much love for details. The characters are great, they are kind of stereotypical, but more as a means of emphasis than out of lack in writing. It draws a lot of comedic potential out of the contrast between Sam and his partner Gene, who is a typical bad cop bully-type of his time but proves to be some sort of friend over time (not finished with the show yet, but I think it gets there). And let’s not forget the music, that features the classic rock and pop of the time, so much fun!

So, a highly recommendable show, for anyone interested in something really unique and original :)
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Okay, today I watched up to episode 1.07 of Heroes and finally decided to give the show up again. It's just not my type of show, actually it bores me to sit 40 mins through an episode and I find myself looking at the clock constantly. This show gets ridiculously crowded with Superheroes, nearly every episode we have a new character with some new ability to spent time on. The constant jumping between various characters within an episode prevents any real investment in the ongoing storyline for me and together with the sheer amount of characters prevents any sense of connection to the characters on my side.

I love seasonal arcs but only if I can feel the gravity of the events through the connection to the characters and Heroes just does nothing in that regard for me. Add to that the constant feel of disbelief (see last entry discussion) this show arises in me and a tendency to be gory without purpose or necessity and you got my dissatisfaction with the show pretty much covered.
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Now, I started watching 'Heroes' because it became such a buzz and I wanted to see what it's all about and I find that this show irritates me. As you might know, it's a show about a bunch of people, discovering they have some sort of superpower and are probably destined to save the world together. Now, I am not saying the show is bad in any kind, in fact it has a neatly developed seasonal arc going for it, with slowly linking the characters together episode for episode. Now, what irritates me is that the show feels so 'unreal' to me, presumably because I can't relate to the characters at all.

I came to think about how interesting it is, that two shows (Supernatural and Heroes) can root in a supernatural background but the one feels completely real and true to me despite of vampires, shtrigas and shapeshifters while the other feels completely unreal to me although it's set in a matter of fact world only with some Superheroes in it. Shouldn't both shows arise the same initial disbelief in me?

Sam and Dean feel completely genuine to me, tangible, characters I can relate to and that I respond to on a very emotional level. Even with Sam having 'superpowers' of his own with the visions, he never looses his authenticity as a person to me, while the characters in 'Heroes' although being normal humans as well, come off as figures from a comic and have something oddly sketchy to me. That's probably intended but I can't quite put my finger on it, where the difference is between Sam and for example Isaac, the painter who paints visions about the future.

I wonder if this is just a personal issue, something that simply derives out of the fact that I am not able to relate to the characters in the way I do with Sam and Dean or if it is something in the writing/story itself. *is confused*

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