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I didn't do any video recommendations in a long while, although I still collect them of course, just laziness I guess, but today I saw a vid that just blew me away. It's a trailer video for S5 and it managed to make me more excited for the upcoming season than the show itself. *g*

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Sorry it took me so long to continue my fanvideo recommendations, I wasn't really in the mood to formulate feedback, but in the last couple of weeks after the finale of S2 some awesome new vids found their way into my collection, so I decided it's about time to compile another post.

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Okay, so here's my third post with video recommendations. As a warning, I was in a sappy mood for the brotherly love and dug out some mostly older, highly emotional videos this time, but also some fun and action to round it up nicely.

I still have some musicvideos and also some funvideos that I would want to rec, but I need some time to find out if they still exist. So there will probably a 4th post at some time, but I am not sure when exactly I'll manage to put it together. 'Til then, I hope you'll find something enjoyable in this post.

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Okay, as promised here is part II of my fanvideo recommendations! These are mostly older vids and I was happy that I still found them available for download. Lots of the videos I have stored are basically vanished from the net. :( Anyways, part III will probably follow next week. I guess I will be plenty busy with digesting the finale over the weekend! Enjoy!

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As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of fanmade musicvids and I collect and store them for quite a while now. So, when I came into the Supernatural fandom, seeking out fanvids was one of my first steps. I often forgot to leave feedback or comments on vids that I loved and so I gathered up some of my favourite videos, that I saw over the course of the last 1.5 years and put together a recommendation post.

Since I have around 120 SN videos at the moment that I intend to keep and I want to give some proper feedback, I will have to split this up into several parts, even if I only pick out my Top20 or 30 vids. So here are the first 10 vids, in no particular order, something new, something old, some fun, some action, some character, some angst. A lot of these were recced all over the SN fandom, but I hope everybody might find something new to watch here.

Oh, and since I don't do Wincest, these are all gen and intended as such from the various vidders. I checked all links and every video should be available for download (I have a huge distaste for YouTube, sorry) :) Enjoy!

One of these days I try to do something similar for my way larger fanfiction collection! :D

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