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Never in a million years did I see that one coming. No, I am not talking about Ruby’s agenda and I don’t mean the reveal of the angels’ game plan either. I am talking about fact that this finale ended on a moment of grace between the brothers and that the first spark of hope, forgiveness and salvation for their relationship, was bestowed upon us after an agonising year of watching them falling apart! Thank you, Eric Kripke, for giving us that moment and sending us off into the hiatus on a positive note. That said, I did have quibbles with this episode, mytharc-wise especially, but also character-wise, and I hope that S5 will be able to reconcile me with the plot points I am not completely comfortable with.

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Sorry, this one is really late. I think I kind of exhausted myself with writing this year, and I actually look forward to the hiatus, so I can get a break. *g* The average length of my reviews increased considerably for this season. So, here is another monster, I think only my review for On The Head of A Pin exceeded this one in length, but only by a very small margin.

Man, this hurt like hell! In fact I think When The Levee Breaks by courtesy of Sera Gamble, was the most painful Supernatural episode ever, and I say that fully remembering the trauma of last season’s finale. But, oddly enough, this episode also managed to give me some hope, because despite the ideological abyss between the brothers, it showed very much how deeply they care for each other as well, even if they can’t communicate it. Still, the ending left me devastated and utterly heart-broken. It’s one of those occasions, where it feels really masochistic to be as much invested in these characters as I am.

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This week’s episode The Rapture by Jeremy Carver was probably enjoyable for all the Castiel/Misha Collins fans out there, but for me it was one of the biggest let-downs of this season. I mean, seriously? It’s the third last episode in a season that featured the most complex and problematic turn in the relationship of the Winchester brothers and this is how they spend it? On the largely irrelevant backstory of a recurring character, cramming one of the most important reveals between the main characters somewhere in between? I think the only time I have been more disappointed with an episode this season was after Heaven and Hell, and that’s saying something.

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I have been extremely nervous about this episode, ever since I read spoilers for it a while back and so it came as a complete surprise, how much I actually enjoyed it. After a mainly mytharc driven run of episodes, Jump The Shark by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin was a welcomed shift back to the dysfunctional family dynamics of the Winchesters. It’s an intense brother-centric episode that harked way back to S1 and highlighted how Sam and Dean have changed in many ways, while in other ways they stayed the same they always were.

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The Monster At The End Of This Book starts out as a crack-y self-referential meta-commentary, but luckily it soon turns into a solid character episode that manages to move Sam and Dean forward and finally offers new insights into what’s up at the Lilith front. Julie Siege’s character work, ever since she joined the writing staff this season, really convinced me as solid and insightful and always on the right note. A lot of my favourite brother scenes this season were written by her. I really hope she stays with the show in S5.

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I am pretty sure that anybody who knows me even a little bit, can easily figure that I loved It’s A Terrible Life to bits, even if I had some quibbles with the ending. While episodes 11 to 16 were a long descent into darkness, this week’s episode strengthened my hopes that there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel for Sam and Dean. Maybe not tomorrow, but they will get there. Sera Gamble’s script was a delightful reminder of times past, but full of subtle references to where the brothers currently stand, as individuals as well as with each other. Awesome! ♥

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Sorry, this review comes out so very late, but I had my sister over this weekend and I didn’t really have much time to dedicate to writing. Also, On The Head Of A Pin tied my brain up in knots and gave me a headache with all the mytharc implications they tried to cram into this episode, and it took more time than usual to sort this one out for me. The immense complexity of this episode makes it nearly impossible to cover all facets of it equally thorough, so inevitably there will be passages that fall short in my analysis. I hope it’s still remotely insightful. Just be warned, this is the longest review I have ever written. ;) So, without further ado, onto the review.

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And another great instalment in S4, provided by Jeremy Carver. While Carver might not always have the best grip on the plotting part of his episodes, he’s always a good bet when it comes to delving into the psychology of Sam and Dean, and this week’s episode is no exception to that. Death Takes A Holiday is an excellent follow-up to Sex and Violence in tone and atmosphere, as well as characterisation. I really wished all mytharc episodes this season were this character centric.

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Damn, this week's episode Sex and Violence was intense and uncomfortable, a roller coaster of emotions that left destruction in its wake. Cathryn Humphris, who is usually assigned to writing the heavy Winchester vs. Winchester episodes like Dead Man’s Blood, Born Under A Bad Sign or Metamorphosis, did an excellent job in this one as well by laying both brothers bare in front of each other. A powerful episode, but also very painful.

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While fandom is still reeling from the unexpected loss of Kim Manners, we get an episode that embraces all the things that made me fall in love with the show in the first place, and I think that’s the perfect way to honour the director who helped to shape the show into what it is today. Honestly, I haven’t been this elated after a Supernatural episode for quite a while. ♥ After School Special was pure fan-service and I mean that in the best possible way!

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I love my show! ♥ Julie Siege’s newest script for Supernatural completely immersed me in the story again, after Family Remains managed to pull me out of my post-Heaven and Hell funk and reconnected me with the characters. I utterly adored Criss Angel Is A Douchebag. It had an engaging casefile, with Sam and Dean’s story organically woven in, heartbreaking and meaningful brotherly interaction and forward movement for Sam’s arc, and while it left me anxious about the direction of Sam’s development and the fate of the brotherly relationship, it feels good to be really invested in the show again!

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I am sure Family Remains will be received very controversial in fandom, but I for my part can say that this is exactly the kind of episode I needed after Heaven and Hell. It had a classic S1 feeling, a creepy casefile with subtle parallels to Dean’s situation, and no interferences from angels or demons. Where I was missing the room for Dean’s storyline to unfold in Heaven and Hell, Family Remains provided that space and allowed for an emotionally satisfying interaction between the brothers in the aftermath of Dean’s confession. Once again Jeremy Carver convinced me with his character driven writing and managed to put some of my issues that arose out of Heaven and Hell to rest, and I am grateful for that.

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It’s the first time since S1 that Kripke wrote a script in the middle of the season (he stuck with writing the season openers and the finales over the last couple of years), so I had high expectations for this episode, because I usually love his writing, but unfortunately I can’t say that my expectations for Heaven And Hell were met. I had a lot of problems with the episode, some of them more related to general concerns, others derived from the plot itself, hence my review starts off with a short general section and then continues with the actual episode review. So, here we go!

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Wow, Sera Gamble once again put the boys (and especially Sam) through the wringer in her script for I Know What You Did Last Summer. The episode is an intense emotional ride and left me hurting badly for Sam, so naturally I loved it. *g* The episode continues the so far exceptionally strong season and I can’t wait for the rest of it to come along!

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I guess sooner or later it had to happen: Wishful Thinking was the first episode this season that left me rather dissatisfied, even if I enjoyed a lot of aspects about it. It was another episode that was funny on the surface, but revealed to be rather dark just beneath. Unlike Yellow Fever though, Ben Edlund’s script turned out to be quite unbalanced, which may be a result from his cooperation with writer Lou Bollo, still it’s sad that this was the first let down in the otherwise awesome season.

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And the greatness that is S4 continues! I kind of expected a Sera Gamble episode next, so finding an episode of yet another new writer came as a surprise, and it looks like another promising addition to the writer’s staff as well. Julie Siege wrote a wonderful script for It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester that put us right back in the middle of the mytharc and dealt with questions of faith, shades of grey and the brotherly unity in the face of doom. Excellent!

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It’s surprising but true, there hasn’t been a S4 episode so far that I didn’t love, and I think that’s a first for any season of the show. Awesome! ♥ Just like the 6th episode of the previous two seasons, Yellow Fever introduced a new writer, or a team of writers in this case, to the staff. Unlike Matt Witten and Laurence Andries though, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin created a good script, that managed to make me laugh and freak me out at the same time.

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As was to be expected Ben Edlund came next in the rotation of writers and Monster Movie definitely wore his signature. Like so many Supernatural episodes it follows in the footsteps of a classic X-Files episode, this time their wonderfully bizarre black & white horror homage The Post-Modern Prometheus. While Monster Movie at times undoubtedly veered into questionable territory (uhm, rehymenation?!), it’s for the most part a fun ride for every fan of classic horror movies.

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Man, the show doesn’t really slow down and jumps head-on into questions, I wanted to see addressed for a long while now, picking up themes and motifs they touched in the earlier seasons. I honestly didn’t expect to see so many answers and truths revealed this early in the season, but it gives me the feeling that the writers know exactly where to go with the characters this year and that really thrills me to no end! ♥ In any case, Cathryn Humphris’ script for Metamorphosis gave me everything I wanted from the first confrontation between the brothers after the revelations of last week’s episode.

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Sorry this review comes so late, but my sister stayed with me over the last few days, so I couldn’t follow my urges to just sit down for a couple of hours to write down my thoughts about the episode and had to sneak in time here and there over the weekend to formulate short paragraphs. I hope it's still coherent nonetheless. ;)

Anyway, wow, the show ups its ante considerably this season! In The Beginning draws the mytharc together in a fashion that leaves me stunned and breathless. Jeremy Carver wrote an excellent script and once again proved to be the most valuable addition to the writer’s staff in a very long while. S4 so far just defines new standards for this show and even this far into the story, Supernatural still manages to surprise me! My show just rocks! ♥

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