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Thank you Eric Kripke & team for an outstanding year of television. This season finale showed very clearly how consistent writing, careful plotting and coherent character development can pay off in the end. I know I love this show for a reason and they proved this to me over and over again this season. I for one look forward to just re-watching the whole thing in one big marathon. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and I know that I can see this season with fresh eyes, now that I know how things play out! Supernatural just rocks my world! ♥

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Damn, this season just doesn't stop to stomp on my poor little heart and just insists of breaking me into tiny little pieces without giving me a chance to put myself together again! This season is so incredibly intense and I couldn't say it wasn't kind of predictable that they navigated the finale to a breaking point for the characters, but it still hurts like hell!

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Man, can someone please explain to me, why I allow a TV show to rip my heart out on a regular basis? *g* Judging from the previews, I feared that this episode will show us an alternative Dean - probably a not very likeable one - in an alternative world, instead the writers chose to simply transfer the real Dean into a different context and confront him with unusual circumstances, thus showing us new facets of the character. Raelle Tucker once again proved her excellent grip on the characters with this episode and delivered a script that is unequalled in depth and range. She is without a doubt my favourite writer on the show ♥ This review is pretty long and even more rambly than usual, so feel free to just skip it! :)

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I was excited about this episode ever since I heard about it: Johnny Cash, the brothers in handcuffs and insane Winchester plans? What's not to like? And the episode didn't disappoint! I loved it to pieces. ♥ Shiban wrote a solid stand-alone with a lot of recurring themes on the side, just as I like it. Inevitably I came to compare Folsom Prison Blues with Hollywood Babylon, as there were a lot of parallels between the two episodes - light-hearted tone, the brothers are forced to integrate themselves in a confined social environment, Dean heavy episode - and yet Folsom Prison Blues managed to avoid all of its predecessor's annoyances, at least for me.

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So, they made it, my least favourite episode of the show so far. I know I am probably the only person who doesn’t care at all about this episode, even resent it a bit and I call this the 'The Girl In Question' effect - the completely wrong episode at the completely wrong place in the timeline of the story. I would have probably found this episode amusing, hadn’t it come at this point in the season, neglecting everything of dramatic development we had so far, it feels out of time, out of place and out of character.

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You know, in the AtS episode Underneath Lindsey is in a kind of hell dimension, living an illusionary life of safety and happiness, while stepping down into the basement of his home to get his heart cut out on a regular basis by a hellish creature. Well, in my basement lurks Supernatural and does the same job just as fine .. and it stomps on my heart for extra good measure. Thank you Sera Gamble & Kim Manners! I think I am still quite incoherent about Heart, so forgive me if my thoughts are all over the place. ;)

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Slow pace, creepy, interesting point of view, funny brotherly banter and contemplative moments, Roadkill was a mellow and quiet, very lovely episode, designed to introduce newcomers to the show but offering long-term fans a new angle as well and I have a lot of love for this episode. It was a perfect mix of clear cut straightforward S1 casefile, with the competent, well-oiled Winchester tandem pursuing the family business and recurring S2 themes. Raelle Tucker once again convinced me with a solid, stand-alone MotW episode, well done.

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It’s the time of sweeps and it seems that the Supernatural writers want to prove that they can do it all – action, religion, drama and comedy – anything goes! John Shiban’s script for Tall Tales covers comedy, obviously, and it’s an homage to the fabulous X-Files episode Bad Blood. While it is a really funny episode in parts, it doesn’t quite reach its predecessor's quality in my opinion. I know a lot of fans regard Tall Tales as the pinnacle of humour in Supernatural, but I prefer Hell House by far, although there was a lot to like about this week’s episode as well.

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Whoa! This show is bombarding us with one exceptional episode after another! I was terrified of this episode beforehand ever since I saw some spoilery pictures for it but in the end these writers once again proved me that I can have faith in them. I LOVE my show! Period!

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Talk about a change of mood: after the fast paced, action-heavy Nightshifter they just sneak up on you and rip your heart out, again! Well, who needs a heart anyways. *sigh* Houses Of The Holy was a quiet, intense and very slow episode about spiritual beliefs, a follow-up to Faith if you want, but it hits the boys in a completely different state of mind. I have so much love for this episode and it’s hard to sum it up in a review, but well I’ll try anyways.

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We are midseason and after a heavy focus on character driven plotlines so far, Ben Edlund and Phil Sgriccia now hit us with an awesome, light-hearted and entertaining episode like Nightshifter. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, so here are my thoughts on it :)

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So, new episode, new review! It's not as long-winded as usual, because Matt Witt's Playthings was more of a solid stand-alone episode with only minimal development for the overall arc. Still, it provides at least a crucial progress in the brotherly relationship, so I still found a couple of things to say. :)

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Here is my review for the latest SN episode Hunted. I am so happy that the boys are back after that damn long holiday hiatus and they are in better shape than ever *g*. I loved this episode so much, it made me giddy for quite a while, so prepare for lengthy rambles behind the cut!

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Croatoan by John Shiban is an action-oriented episode that marks a turning point in Dean’s character development and raises a row of intriguing questions in regard to the mytharc. While I am not entirely convinced by the execution of Croatoan, I really loved the brotherly interaction, especially in the last third of the episode. The massive cliffhanger at the end was really cruel though, and I can't believe we have to wait over four weeks now, until we get to hear the rest of Sam and Dean’s conversation. The airing schedule of the show really kills me!

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After a couple of mostly stand-alone episodes the show jumps right back into the storyline about John’s death, re-opening wounds for the boys that had barely time to heal. Sera Gamble really knows how to torture our boys! /sigh

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The Usual Suspects provided some much needed humour and light-heartedness after the heavy angst of the first few episodes of the season. The Winchester boys back in sync, some great guest stars and an interesting genre mix made this episode great fun to watch. *g*

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This week's episode by Matt Witten and Kim Manners takes a step back from the Winchester drama and instead focuses more on the recurring characters of Jo and Ellen. Not sure if this was the best move, considering that we don't really know them well enough to be invested in their story, but well, the episode does have its good moments. :)

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Geesh, I love my show! ♥ This week we dive straight back into the mytharc, the brothers are back on track, there’s the fun, there’s the creepy and the heart-warming. What more can a girl ask for?! *g*

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This week’s episode by Raelle Tucker brought a preliminary closure to the 4-episode character arc, dealing with John’s death and its immediate fallout for Sam and Dean and in addition it is a perfect example of how plot and character exploration can go hand in hand! Wonderful! ♥

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Okay, it's now official: This season is going to kill me! Ever since the finale of last season it was my biggest fear that the writers kill John off and give Dean's character a dark turn as a result, so this episode hit right home for me and left me worried about Dean and where his path may lead him. I really have to have trust in the writers that they are not going to break him completely or my night sleep is seriously endangered. *g*

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