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I guess most of you will have seen the panels and reports from Comic Con by now, so what are your thoughts? Personally, I could not say that I am particularly happy with the information Carver & Co released about S9 so far, but that does not really come as a surprise to me.

Here be spoilers! Beware! )
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Hello, flist! I know it has been quiet around here lately, but I wasn’t really in a talkative mood these last couple of weeks. I mostly buried myself in computer games and books and discovered new (to me) TV shows. Taking a time-out from fandom every now and then is necessary for my mental health, I think. Anyway, here is a short status update – personal and fandom wise – for anyone who is interested.

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Hey, flist! So, instead of postponing the review for Pac-Man Fever till the summer hiatus, I have decided to move forward in chronological order. This way at least I don’t have catch up on two missing S8 reviews during the hiatus. However, I’ve had somewhat of a writer's block this last week, and I will be a tad behind with my reviews for the rest of the season as a result. But well, with only two more episodes to go, I hardly think that matters. I’ve been holding off watching new episodes, though, because I don’t want to mix things up in my head, so sorry for my lack of comments on episode reactions. It’s not for lack of interest; I just want to stay as spoiler-free as possible. I hate missing out on the post-episode buzz with my flist, but I guess it cannot be helped. My head just isn't cooperating at the moment. Sigh.
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You know, I don’t really do episode reactions because I am just not that coherent after watching the show, but, damn, sometimes an exception is in order. A handmaiden and a time traveller rescue the queen… )
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Hi folks, apparently LJ notified you all that it is my birthday today, which is quite funny, given that my birthday is only in two days. Maybe LJ left our time-space continuum and sends out notifications from the future. *g*

Oh, and while I am posting, sorry that my review for A Little Slice of Kevin is a tad late this week. It seems that as soon as I am not under the pressure to finish a review within a week, I start procrastinating. But it is almost done and I should be ready to post tomorrow or the day after at the very latest.
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Hi folks! I just wanted to say I am sorry that I didn’t post anything about last week’s episode, not even some basic thoughts or a simple episode reaction. As expected, entertaining my sisters for the better part of the past week left me with no time at all for fandom related things. I didn't even get to watch the new episode while they were here. On top of that, I came down with a nasty case of the flu this Monday, which left me bed-ridden these last few days. In short, I had no opportunity to put a single word about Blood Brother on paper, and I will have to postpone a review for the episode till the winter hiatus, so I can keep up with the airing schedule. Sometimes real life really gets in the way of fandom fun!
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I just watched the S8 premiere, and usually I don’t do episode reactions, but after the summer I had, I really felt the need to get one thing off my chest right away. The in-depth review will follow later, as usual. Read more... )
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Hi all! I know I have been MIA these last couple of weeks, and I wanted to apologise for the lack of activity at my journal during this summer. I had many fandom related plans for the hiatus, but unfortunately my finale fuelled energy and motivation died a violent death after ComicCon and all my attempts at resurrecting it, just failed miserably. Now, to comfort myself, I decided to watch a couple of episodes of that other show that revolves around two entirely co-dependent characters who are fiercely protective of each other, aka The X-Files. And what do you know? A couple of episodes somehow turned into 120 episodes (and counting) and the first movie. I never expected to become so immersed in the show again, but it provided a good distraction for my Supernatural woes. Of course, watching the bonus material on my DVDs and seeing all those interviews and commentaries with Kim Manners makes me really nostalgic and just reminds me how much I miss him on Supernatural.
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I just learned something that made me rethink the theory I formulated in my last post. It actually makes me a litte bit excited for S8. :)

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Most people are probably aware that, as usual, a row of S8 spoilers were released at the Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, and I just had to get some thoughts about those spoilers off my chest. Please be aware that this is highly spoilery for S8, so continue at your own risk.

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I just saw this Jensen interview from SDCC, where he talks about Dean’s unforgiving attitude towards Castiel, and it resonated deeply with my own take on the Dean-Castiel relationship, so I was delighted to see Jensen’s similar thoughts on the subject. I wrote up a transcript of it. No worries, there are no spoilers for S8.

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Back in 2010, when the Kripke era came to an end, I participated in the 'The Road So Far' meme, which asked to list all your likes and dislikes of the past five seasons. Now that Sera Gamble takes her leave as a showrunner, I thought it would be nice to update said meme, so I have a comprehensive overview of all seasons.

So here we go, my favourites and least favourites of S6 and S7!

The Road So Far )
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I saw this Supernatural meme popping up on several other blogs, and since I was in the mood to write but had no review to occupy my time, I decided to give it a shot. In the end, it took me longer than I anticipated, mainly because I can never just give a simple answer and be done with it, so prepare for some lengthy rambles under the cut.

The One With the 31 Questions. )
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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted in my little hiatus poll. The majority of votes fell on new Supernatural fanart, a comprehensive S6 meta and the Swan Song review, so that’s what I am going to prioritise once my reviews for Let It Bleed and The Man Who Knew Too Much are done. I will definitely try to write the outstanding S6 episode reviews as well, but they will take a backseat for now. Overall I’ll probably alternate between fanart and my various writing projects. Now a S6 rewatch is in order, so I can expand the notes I already have for my S6 meta. Stay tuned!

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I hope you all have somewhat recovered from the finale by now. *g* Personally, I loved it. I mean, okay, I have a couple of quibbles, especially with Let It Bleed, which has been less engaging overall for me than The Man Who Knew Too Much, but overall I am satisfied with the resolutions presented in the finale episodes. I have to say that I adored all things Sam in particular, my Sam love knows no bounds at the moment. ♥ In any case, it’s a tad inconvenient that both episodes aired after another, because I feel that it is more difficult to write a review if I cannot focus on one episode alone. My thoughts jump from one episode to the other and it’s all a bit jumbled at the moment. I will try to get these reviews done as fast as possible though.

Now, once these reviews are done, I am faced with the rest of the hiatus and my list of fannish things to do is quite long. However, I have no clue where to start, so I thought I’d ask you all what you would prefer to see in this journal in the upcoming months. So, here is a little poll for you:

[Poll #1743933]

If you're interested in something else entirely, just mention it in the comments!


Dec. 9th, 2010 12:48 pm
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So, I am lame. I got caught up in real life and other distractions - and completely fell behind with my reviews in the process. The reviews for the last couple of episodes are in varying stages of completion though, and I definitely plan to finish them all during the hiatus and then post them in one go. On the bright side, you all will have something to read during the long, cold winter break. *g*

I will just say so much upfront: All Dogs Go To Heaven was an okay episode for me, I enjoyed the brotherly communication, but the monster-of-the-week plot didn't really engage me. Clap Your Hands If You Believe was funnier than it had any right to be; it's definitely one of the highlights of this season for me. Caged Heat, on the other hand, was my least favourite episode so far, even though I enjoyed some of the character scenes.

Thanks for your patience. I kinda say that a lot lately. *g*

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I don’t really do LJ memes much, because usually I don’t have the time and/or patience for them. The other day though [ profile] sherrilina posted the 'The Road So Far' meme they had over at [ profile] ontd_spnparty and I kind of got all caught up in it. It's a list of questions about your favourite/least favourite things about each season of Supernatural and since I spent so much time with it, I thought I might as well post it.

The Road So Far )

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I haven’t been feeling well these last two weeks, that’s why I didn’t manage to get out my review for Two Minutes to Midnight in time for the finale. It will all be a bit delayed, I am sorry for that. However, I just watched the S5 finale and am stunned and heartbroken and happy and speechless and disbelieving and delirious. And since it will take A LOT of time to process this episode properly, I thought I’d make a first episode reaction post, just to share my love for Show today. ♥

Sammy, it’s okay. I’m here. I'm not going to leave you. )

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Tonight SUPERNATURAL airs its 100th episode! ♥ Congratulations to Kripke & Co for reaching this milestone. Wow, who would have thought back when the show started that we’ll ever find ourselves here? Does anybody remember the nerve-wracking time we waited for the confirmation that our little show was one of the few selected shows that would be picked up by The CW when UPN and The WB merged? Or when we were out of our minds with worry about The Crash? Or the fear that paralysed us all when we didn’t know for ages if we would get a S3? Fun times!

100th episode

So, I felt a little nostalgic today and thought I’d take a look back at how it all started, I mean, for me, personally. I’ve been committed to this show for four years now, and like with any show there have been ups and downs, obviously, but the brothers Winchester are still my favourite characters on TV – even if they changed considerably over the years – and I think they always will be. So, have a stroll down memory lane with me, if you like.

The one where I ramble on about the show and me )

In other news, I am sorry my review for 99 Problems is delayed, but my week has been extremely busy. The review is almost finished though and with a little luck - and lack of distraction - I’ll post it later today. My review for the 100th episode will be late as well, because my sister is visiting me for the next couple of days, so I won’t find any time to write. :)

Enjoy today’s episode everyone! ♥

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This is probably totally uninteresting for all of you, so feel free to just skip it! *g* As most of you are undoubtedly aware, I write episode reviews and other essays for Supernatural. I opened this journal around the time Croatoan aired, so that’s when my reviews here began, but actually I started writing episode commentaries from Scarecrow on. Unfortunately all those earlier reviews and essays were lost when the former Buffyworld Forums, where I used to post them, closed its doors.

Luckily enough, I keep copies of everything I write on my computer, so I decided to retroactively re-post my earlier reviews here in my journal, so I have a complete collection online, for myself as well as for people who love to go back and read up on older episodes or simply for newcomers to SN. Of course I made the mistake to re-read those reviews first and realised that not only my English back then wasn’t quite as decent as it is now, the reviews itself were a lot less structured and insightful.

So, over the last couple of weeks, I started reworking those older reviews to match them more with how my current reviews look like, added them to my journal and dated them back to the day the episode aired, so they didn’t clutter everybody’s flist. While reworking the reviews, I tried to keep them as free as possible from hindsight, but I am sure they are influenced by how I see episodes now, in comparison to how I saw them the first time around. Anyways, S2 and S3 are now complete, but my S1 reviews are totally useless and need some more work, so I will add those over the summer hiatus as I go along.

I also opened a new category for my writings over at Salt'n Burn, to have my art and my reviews together in one place. Instead of coding the massive amount of text into my site, I just linked to the respective review/essay here.

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