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Hi folks! I know it has been quiet around these parts lately, mainly because I spent most of my summer hiatus busy with non-SPN related stuff. However, these last couple of weeks, I have also been writing in fits and starts on my missing S8 reviews, and even though I am far from being finished with any of them, I still hope I get at least some of them out before S9 starts to air. Anyway, this weekend I was tinkering with my review for Sacrifice, which, as usual, finishes with a retrospect on the past season, and I kind of ended up writing a whole passage about Sam’s story – in particular about the whole 'Sam did not look for Dean' issue – that went beyond the scope of the general overview I was aiming for. I spent too much time on the paragraphs to just scrap them, but I did not want to leave them in the review either, so I decided to just post them as a standalone bit of meta.

Nothing says family quite like the whole family being dead. )
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So, I kind of took a semi-break from the show and fandom over this hiatus for various reasons. I mean, I re-watched S1-4, but that’s about it. No fanart, no metas, barely some fanfiction and only the odd discussion here and there. But the hiatus is nearing its end (where did it go?!), and I am slowly trying to get back in the swing of things, so I thought a general meta about S4 is a good starting point, especially since I had that one on my to-do list all summer. Usually I do a midseason compare&contrast about the current season and the one that came before, but S4 went into the winter hiatus with Heaven and Hell, which I hated so fiercely that I felt disconnected from the show and it left me with no interest in writing up a meta. I hope this little essay makes up for that negligence. :)

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So, every year during the summer hiatus I am playing with the thought to do a complete X-Files marathon, not only because it’s one of my past TV loves, but also because the Supernatural crew gathered some well known X-Files alumni, like Manners, Shiban or Nutter. But let’s face it, 9 seasons are A LOT to work through and who ever does that? This year though, I took the bull by the horns and sat down with the show. I figured it was the closest to watching Supernatural without actually watching Supernatural as it can get, at least when it comes to themes and atmosphere. And boy, I didn’t even know the half of it! I nearly forgot how much I loved the show, and I also loved how much I forgot about the show, so it was like watching it for the first time all over again.

Anyway, I felt compelled to write up some thoughts about the show and about the differences/similarities between SN and XF. Nothing in depth, just some random observations. :)

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So, I am usually staying far, far away from fandom wank, but reading through several discussions yesterday concerning seemingly sexist behaviour of one Dean Winchester on account of his behaviour towards Ruby in the finale agitated me. And what do I do when I am agitated? I write! It’s always helpful to get your own thoughts in order and lay something to rest. So, I thought I’d share my 2 cents on the topic!

Dean and Women )

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So it’s hiatus again and that’s a good time to sit down and collect some thoughts about S3, so I did that. This is a critical review, so if you read it please keep in mind that it is written with utter love for this show. I adore Supernatural beyond any reason and even if I comment on a lot of things negatively, that doesn’t change my overall feelings for the show! :)

(for BF members: it’s a slightly extended version of my BF post, just so you know)

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I was thinking a bit lately about the differences and parallels between season one and two, what I like and what not so much and thought I might as well write it all down. Not sure if I am very coherent, probably just rambling along mostly, to get it out of my head *g*

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