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Title: Illusion
Author: [ profile] galathea_snb
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre: pre-series, Sam is 13, Dean is 17
Spoilers: vague spoilers for 4x12 in the author's notes at the end
Word Count: 655
Summary: A deck of cards has more than one use.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. This was written just for fun, not for profit.
Acknowledgement: This story was written as a birthday present for my dear friend [ profile] llywela13. Thanks to [ profile] sherrilina for the beta, especially given that it was on very short notice!

Illusion )
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Okay, folks, I am entering unfamiliar territory with this post. In these last four years of my Supernatural obsession, I've never felt the urge to write fanfiction. There are people in fandom much better suited for that, given that I am not a native speaker, and I feel more comfortable with analytical writing anyway. So, it was very surprising that I had the idea for a scene yesterday, that just wouldn't leave me alone, so I gave in and wrote it up. It's a little vignette of brotherly schmoop and although I didn't really plan on doing something with it, [ profile] llywela13 convinced me to post it. So, it's all her fault! She also did a quick, but thorough beta on this. Thanks, hon! *hugs*

Patterns )

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It’s a good 2 years now that I found my way to the vast amount of gorgeous Supernatural fanfiction out there and since then reading fics to feed my obsession with Sam and Dean is part of my daily life. A long while ago I wrote up a list of recurring themes in fanfiction, that I perceived as problematic in regard to canon and found off-putting when reading a story. Nowadays those themes mostly vanished from fanfiction, but other ones came along and took their place. So, I thought it’s time to compile a new list of my Top4 turn-offs in current fanfiction!

The List of Woe! )

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Recently I started reading Supernatural fanfiction and I have to say that I am amazed by the amount of absolute awesome fics out there. Nevertheless there is also a lot of annoyance to be found in fanfiction and here are my Top5 Fanfiction Turn-Offs:

1) Dean smoking // I don't know why so many authors think it would fit for Dean to smoke or that it makes his character cooler or whatever .. me, I close a story as soon as that comes up, no matter how good the story is. It's not because I am a convinced non-smoker myself but rather that I see absolutely no necessity for adding character habits that actually don't exist and it messes with my ability to identify the character I read about with the one I know from the show, it's a simple atmosphere and authenticity killer

2) Swearing // The amount of swearing the boys do in some of the stories is really off putting. In the show their language is actually pretty well mannered and not very slang-y (well at least from a non-native speaker's PoV). We hear them use Bitch, Son of a Bitch, Dammit, Hell, Frikkin in the show, but what most authors seem to favour (and I mean like constantly) is 'Fucking' .. which I actually don't even recall the boys ever using, or if they do it's so rare it never stuck with me.

3) Food // I am not sure where exactly this comes from, but Dean is pictured as the 'greasy hamburgers and fries' guy while Sam is Mister Health Food. Throughout the show we see them in various different locations, which all look as if they serve homemade food. Simplifying and generalising from none to very small evidence in the show is a very annoying treat for me in fanfiction.

4) Banter // The constant re-iteration of one-liners that are actually said in the show to give a story more authentic SN-feeling. The point of snarky one-liners is that they spring from the moment that inspires them and they are not usable like idioms or similar phrases. So either the author is skilled enough to catch the banter between the boys with genuine originality or he/she better leaves it.

5) Touchy-Feely // Dean’s infamous „No chick flick moments” from the pilot is stretched thin in fanfiction to a point where it becomes completely ridiculous and non-believable, since over the course of the first season Dean is shown as a vulnerable and very emotional character, who is absolutely able to open up if the situation calls for it, especially towards Sam, but also to the random victim in distress. A lot of stories choose to ignore everything we get to know about the character from the Pilot on .. which completely annoys me.

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