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Last year I regularly commented on the issues of the Supernatural comic Origins, mainly to express my disappointment with it. I didn’t pick up that habit with the new series Rising Son, because I didn’t really think it was worth the effort. Yesterday though I read the latest issue of the comic and I was so outraged, that I needed to comment on it. It’s not pretty, you’ve been warned!

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I didn’t write up a separate review for Origins #5 and #6 yet, since I actually didn't have much to nitpick in these latest instalments in the series, well, at least not in terms of canon errors. The writers took a turn with the story that avoided any distinct referrals to events that were mentioned in the show so far, so at least there were no serious continuity errors this time around.

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After all the back and forth with Peter Johnson after the last issue of 'Origins' I was kind of curious about the next one, curious if they learned from their mistakes, and although I enjoyed the 4th issue a bit more than the rest of it, I am still far from being happy.

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The latest issue of the Origins comic is available now and well, all I can say is that this issue really managed to piss me off even more than the previous instalments in the series. Do these writers pay attention to the actual show .. at all?

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The second issue of the pre-series comic Origins is out for a couple of days now, and I am underwhelmed to say the least. Here are some short thoughts on the new comic, but be prepared for mostly negative ramblings.

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So, I read the first edition of the Supernatural comic Origins, which explores the 22 years that passed between the Pilot and Mary's death. Since I guess the comics will be considered canon, I wrote down some of my first impressions.

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