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Hello, flist! I know it has been quiet around here lately, but I wasn’t really in a talkative mood these last couple of weeks. I mostly buried myself in computer games and books and discovered new (to me) TV shows. Taking a time-out from fandom every now and then is necessary for my mental health, I think. Anyway, here is a short status update – personal and fandom wise – for anyone who is interested.

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Hi folks, apparently LJ notified you all that it is my birthday today, which is quite funny, given that my birthday is only in two days. Maybe LJ left our time-space continuum and sends out notifications from the future. *g*

Oh, and while I am posting, sorry that my review for A Little Slice of Kevin is a tad late this week. It seems that as soon as I am not under the pressure to finish a review within a week, I start procrastinating. But it is almost done and I should be ready to post tomorrow or the day after at the very latest.
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Hi folks! I just wanted to say I am sorry that I didn’t post anything about last week’s episode, not even some basic thoughts or a simple episode reaction. As expected, entertaining my sisters for the better part of the past week left me with no time at all for fandom related things. I didn't even get to watch the new episode while they were here. On top of that, I came down with a nasty case of the flu this Monday, which left me bed-ridden these last few days. In short, I had no opportunity to put a single word about Blood Brother on paper, and I will have to postpone a review for the episode till the winter hiatus, so I can keep up with the airing schedule. Sometimes real life really gets in the way of fandom fun!
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Hi all! I know I have been MIA these last couple of weeks, and I wanted to apologise for the lack of activity at my journal during this summer. I had many fandom related plans for the hiatus, but unfortunately my finale fuelled energy and motivation died a violent death after ComicCon and all my attempts at resurrecting it, just failed miserably. Now, to comfort myself, I decided to watch a couple of episodes of that other show that revolves around two entirely co-dependent characters who are fiercely protective of each other, aka The X-Files. And what do you know? A couple of episodes somehow turned into 120 episodes (and counting) and the first movie. I never expected to become so immersed in the show again, but it provided a good distraction for my Supernatural woes. Of course, watching the bonus material on my DVDs and seeing all those interviews and commentaries with Kim Manners makes me really nostalgic and just reminds me how much I miss him on Supernatural.
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I guess from my last couple of posts it’s glaringly obvious that I don’t really find much time for fanart at the moment. I deeply regret that, as I love expressing my love for Supernatural through art, but when presented with the dilemma of choosing between fanart and writing, reviews just win out. I simply need to write to structure my thoughts about the show. So, I hope that the people on my flist, who friended me primarily for my art, aren’t too annoyed with me. The job situation is temporary though, and I firmly plan on returning to fanart, once I have a little more time at my hands again. The new season sparked several wallpaper ideas and I still have many WIPs to finish from last season, so there is plenty of work waiting for me. I am far from done where this show and art is concerned! Anyway, thanks for your patience, all! ♥

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I know I have been MIA these last few weeks and some of you may wonder if they will ever get to read my episode reviews for Two Minutes To Midnight and Swan Song or if they will ever get to see the result of their fanart requests – or any new fanart from me for that matter. Now, here’s the thing: After the S5 finale I really needed a break from the intense focus on Supernatural and so I threw myself into non-fandom related activities for a while. Then, just when I was ready to resume writing/arting about SPN, I was unexectedly offered a new job, and I decided to take it, mainly for financial reasons. As some of you know, I have been working part-time these last couple of years, which obviously left me plenty of time to pursue my fandom activities and spend days on long-winded episode reviews or wallpapers.

My new job, however, is a full-time employment and at the moment I am not only overwhelmed by the amount of new content I have to learn, but also by the immense changes in my personal time management. So, that’s why there has been so little activity at my journal lately. I hope that I will get into a routine at my new job fast enough to at least finish my outstanding reviews and some art during the hiatus, but most importantly I hope that I will be able to keep up my reviews when S6 starts to air. At the moment I am not sure I will manage that though – at least not in that much detail. Only time will tell, I guess.

Just before all hell broke loose in my life, I managed to finish one wallpaper, so I thought I at least post that one as a consolation. :)

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