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So, most of you might be aware that the domain - where my fanart website Salt'n Burn is hosted - has recently been banned by Google/Firefox because of virus problems with some of the other subdomains hosted there. As a result Firefox users have been unable to access my site as well. Now, apparently it's not possible to remove the virus from the other subdomains, without actually deleting all content on the domain, so Nikki offered all her hostees to move their websites to her domain Yesterday I uploaded my site at the new domain. Salt'n Burn's new URL is

Please update your bookmarks/links accordingly. I'll leave a link with the new address for all my affiliates at their respective tagboards. I am sorry for the inconvenience! :)

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S5 is approaching fast and I didn't update my website for months, so I thought I really should get Salt'n Burn ready for the new season. Today I finally managed to muster up the energy and enthusiasm to get it done and not only made a new layout, but also added S5 pages to my Supernatural art and review section. I hope that wasn't too optimistic, considering the fact that I barely made any art these last couple of month! *g* And since it's really no huge effort to make a layout into a wallpaper, I did that as well.

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So, I updated Salt'n Burn with my new art as well as a new layout. I had my last layout for a very long time and felt it was time for a change. I am extremely happy with how the new layout came out and I think I'll try to work it into a wallpaper, even if the original images are only low resolution. I just need to find a way to work around that! :)
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This is probably totally uninteresting for all of you, so feel free to just skip it! *g* As most of you are undoubtedly aware, I write episode reviews and other essays for Supernatural. I opened this journal around the time Croatoan aired, so that’s when my reviews here began, but actually I started writing episode commentaries from Scarecrow on. Unfortunately all those earlier reviews and essays were lost when the former Buffyworld Forums, where I used to post them, closed its doors.

Luckily enough, I keep copies of everything I write on my computer, so I decided to retroactively re-post my earlier reviews here in my journal, so I have a complete collection online, for myself as well as for people who love to go back and read up on older episodes or simply for newcomers to SN. Of course I made the mistake to re-read those reviews first and realised that not only my English back then wasn’t quite as decent as it is now, the reviews itself were a lot less structured and insightful.

So, over the last couple of weeks, I started reworking those older reviews to match them more with how my current reviews look like, added them to my journal and dated them back to the day the episode aired, so they didn’t clutter everybody’s flist. While reworking the reviews, I tried to keep them as free as possible from hindsight, but I am sure they are influenced by how I see episodes now, in comparison to how I saw them the first time around. Anyways, S2 and S3 are now complete, but my S1 reviews are totally useless and need some more work, so I will add those over the summer hiatus as I go along.

I also opened a new category for my writings over at Salt'n Burn, to have my art and my reviews together in one place. Instead of coding the massive amount of text into my site, I just linked to the respective review/essay here.
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A new layout and an update for Salt'n Burn was long overdue so I was busy today. *g* I was tired of the dark and gloomy layouts I had the last couple of months so I opted for something colourful, light and optimistic this time. It's spring after all, well, at least it should be, even if the weather doesn't cooperate. ;)
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Okay, I changed my layout over at Salt'n Burn again. I just grow tired of them so quickly. I never expected that when I opened the site. *lol* I am not sure if I am all that happy with it, since it looked kind of different in my head, but well, at some point I was just tired of tweaking it.

I have some new arts too, well maybe not all that new, since one’s just the wallpaper version of my LJ layout, but anyway … here we go!

Oh, and Wednesday or Thursday [ profile] nikkimisplaced is moving BF and all her hosting sites to a new server and Salt'n Burn won't be available for at least 24 hours during the move. So, just in case someone is checking in during that time, don't freak, I'll be back! *g* ;)

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I was kind of sick and tired of my old Salt'n Burn layout, so I made a new one. Not the best I've ever done, but well. I made the layout into a wallpaper, business as usual. I also made another new piece of art, that I am quite happy with, although (or maybe because) it was a real bitch to create, because of the image quality. *g* Enjoy!

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All those new and awesome apocalyptic promos for S3 that the CW airs at the moment inspired me to make a new layout for Salt'n Burn. It's all dark and doom-y, but I really love it, so I made it into a S3 promotional wallpaper. I don't know about y'all but I am more than ready for season three to start! ♥

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New Layout

Jul. 29th, 2007 11:46 pm
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Okay, so I was in the mood to make a new layout for Salt'n Burn and in anticipation of S3, I decided to settle on the theme that I am looking forward to the most: The Winchester's race versus time in order to save Dean. I kind of really like how the layout turned out, so I made it into a (very odd) wallpaper as well.

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So, I made a new layout for Salt'n Burn yesterday and I actually loved the composition of my new header so much that I made it into a normal wallpaper as well *g* I also made a Dean piece from 'Born Under A Bad Sign'. So enjoy :)

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