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Last night the annual fanart shindig - also known as the Academy of Fanart Artists Award Ceremony - took place, where the best fanartists and wallpapers of the year 2009 were crowned. Thanks to an enormous show of strength and discipline of our generous host [ profile] slaycandy and our fanart community over at BuffyForums, the ceremony proceeded as planned, despite several set-backs. It really was an exciting and mind-blowing celebration! ♥ As usual I take the opportunity to shortly reflect back on my last fanart year, so just feel free to skip this post. ;)

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Yesterday the Academy of Fanart Artists awarded the best fanartists and wallpapers of the year 2008 and it was an amazing ceremony! ♥ To be honest, I had already decided to not take part in the AFA’s this year, since the time restraint I was under over the last couple of months was really eating away at me, and I didn’t think I would manage to get the time-consuming nomination and voting process done in time. It was [ profile] slaycandy who in the end convinced me to give it a shot anyway, and I am profoundly glad that she did. Thank you, hon! *hugs*

So, this post contains a lot of internal ramblings about my art, mostly in order to just reflect on my last year, fanart-wise, so I can always go back and refresh my memory. Just feel free to skip this post entirely! ;)

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So, yesterday was the first official shindig of the Academy of Fanart Artists where the fanart community votes for the best artists and wallpapers of the past year and I have to say it was quite possibly the highpoint of my existence as a fanartist! I am still quite overwhelmed with the resonance to my art. ♥ Serious glowing ahead …..

Side Note: I will be delayed with my episode review to 'Jus In Bello', just didn't find the time and clear head to do it yet, but it's in progress!

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