Feb. 27th, 2013

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Given Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming’s rather uneven track record for Supernatural, I went into Man’s Best Friend with Benefits with very low expectations, and unfortunately the episode did nothing to improve my opinion of the writers. Awkward may be the term that best describes this episode; from the unfortunate implications that come with the animal familiar/human witch storyline, to the cringe-worthy frat boy humour, to parts of the characterisation, the episode commits quite a few blunders. Still, I did not hate the episode. Mainly I was bored, actually, and if it was not for the few, somewhat meaningful Sam and Dean scenes, it would have been an entirely forgettable episode.

The only way we made it through it all is by hanging together. )

I am sorry this review is so short, but my sisters were staying with me last week, so I had no time to write up more extensive thoughts on this episode. I figured that, rather than writing no review at all, it would be best to just focus on the main issue between the brothers and skip the rest. I may come back to it later and expand on some points, though.

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